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Jan 16, 2017

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When it comes to health, HEALTH IS NATURAL, it is the process of life expressed within the organism. We are meant to be healthy, we were created to be healthy and all of the mechanisms within our bodies are designed in accordance to the natural genetic makeup of our parents.

If you start with this basic premise you will better understand the concerns of people when they are using the word natural in relationship to health and healing. It is not natural for a lot of what we do in life. It is not natural to travel 70 MPH down the road, especially when we come to sudden stops against another person doing the same. It is not natural to fly and it is not natural to live the way we do, in many aspects.

This does not mean we need to live in caves, and walk and hunt for our food. There is a difference from natural, and primitive.

As you can see, natural can be taken to extremes. But it is important to understand that you pay a price for going against nature. Just as you do with the accidents traveling 70 MPH or when one of those flights decides to take a nose dive. What most people want to know is more in the subtle manner in which we go against nature.

One of the biggest concerns is in the food industry. We have already learned the lessons and are reminded of these lessons by an industry that is concerned about sales and profits and not necessarily good nutrition. We are always reminded with the latest in meat recalls, or salmonella tainted chicken, or fish. Then there are other products that we have eaten and later are concerned; red dye number 40, the antibiotics in our meat, tainted lettuce, spinach or tomatoes.

canned food

canned food

At some point you are concerned about what you can eat. Then there is all of the concerns about too much meat, too much salt, too much sugar. There are so many conflicting reports that the public in many ways just wants to throw up its hands and forget about it all, hoping for the best.

What is natural and to the level you care to enjoy natural aspects of life is for each person to choose. You may choose not to wear antiperspirants, but thank goodness most people use some form of deodorant. There is a balance in life that each person has to choose for themselves.

The understanding is that there are some things that might be damaging us that are not worth the benefits; such as the antibiotics in meat creating damage to the consumer. It is nice that the red dye is out of our food as I am sure there should be a lot of other things taken out. But as long as the manufacturers of these products can get you hooked on the salt, sugar, and taste they create, they will make their profits and continue to sell these foods.

What is natural health

Organic or artificial food?

The better the quality of food we consume the better for our bodies. The more active we are the better it is for the body. It does not mean you have to have a $1200 treadmill, you can put on your sneakers and go outside and walk. The thing that concerns most people is how the effect of “un-natural” products might have on their health.

There has always been a certain level of ego in the health care industry that causes confusion for most. Butter vs. margarine, raw sugar, refined sugar, honey, eggs, milk and just about everything we have eaten has gone through questions as to whether one is better than another.

Each of you will have to decide the level of “natural” you want in your life. There are those who will take it to extremes, and those who will ignore it totally. You will have to decide whether or not something is better for you. But, have you ever tasted a vine ripened tomato out of a garden compared to the green-picked-then-ripened produce we get in the market? Do you really think “Do You Think Its Butter” really tastes as good as a freshly churned butter?  There is example after example of what is better naturally. It is up to you to discover them, not only for the taste, but for their nutritional value.

Remember that the better your nutrition, the better you exercise the body, the less toxic your environment, the less stress you have, and the more you rest all add to better health. But not just these positive things, remember that drugs are not natural, smoking is not natural, sitting and staring at a TV or computer is not natural.  We need to find that happy compromise that allows us to live in our houses (not caves) with carpets that are not toxic, and air that is cleaned and fresh, with an environment that is restful and enjoyable.

We need to make sure that we voice our opinion about the drugs placed in our foods, the preservatives, and additives that are of questionable value. We need to get rid of those things we know are damaging, and improve on the things we can. Going towards a more natural environment and foods is a step “back” into the right direction.

Natural health

Yoga and natural healing

The one thing we should be most concerned about is the level of drugs we are putting in our system that less to nothing is the best. We need to look at natural healing arts such as chiropractic and not back surgery, and exercise that work our bodies naturally, and supplements that have a natural base such as transfer factor to boost our immunity instead of taking antibiotics that can also damage our natural system.

All of these things will help us have a naturally healthier life!

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