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Stress Is Silent Killer You Create
Feb 1, 2017

Why Stress Is Silent Killer? Everyone talks about stress; stress of work, stress of family, stress of finances, and even stress of driving in the traffic. We talk about it but understand very little about it and the affect it has on our body and our health.

As kids most of the things that bothered us caused us to react with tears or something more physical. But we did not generally hold that within ourselves and allowed it to pass relatively fast. But as adults we are put into situations where the stress is ongoing, daily, and there seems to be no relief from it. This is when there is the potential of physical harm.

There are two kinds of stress; the kind you get when you lift something too heavy or do something that is “physically stressful” due to some strenuous physical activity. This can be from work or play or any time you exceed the limitation of the body or its abilities.

Stressed out

stressed out?

Then there is the emotional stress which is even more common but the least understood. This is the stress that can build within the body and slowly cause a change in chemistry or physical conditions that will cause problems later on. It is what puts stress on our heart, our digestive system, our blood pressure and other physiological activities.

You can read ” The different kinds of Stress” from APA 

The greatest of the emotional stresses comes from the relationships we have with other people; our boss, our friends, our spouse, parents, kids or loved ones. It is the sensitivity of these relationships that allows for a reaction to be greater and therefore leads to a state of emotional stress. From the ongoing of emotional stress the body begins the physical and physiological changes that can alter function and with altered function you have the beginnings of a state of dis-ease that can lead to disease.

Trying to overcome these challenges can be done with mind altering drugs which is the solution of medicine.  Of course these same drugs can worsen the condition or create other conditions which can lead to even greater damage, but that is what medicine has to offer. Most people overcome stress through their ability to deal with these issues. They can deal with it through physical activities such as sports or just exercise or other physical activities that causes the mind to focus in a different direction.

What we believe in, live, and how we deal with the known and unknowns is not always easy. The most common manner of dealing with these issues is through our psychological mechanisms in its relationship to our faith, or other beliefs. This is where we gain from the support of the ministries of our faith and the support of those of like minds. There are some faiths that add to the stress of life when they are in conflict with other aspects of the individual’s lifestyle, activities or just plain personal beliefs.

It is important that people find the association that fits them personally or there will be conflicts which will lead to greater stress throughout their lives.

For those who have no particular faith there is the relationship of good friends who are supportive and helpful with your understanding and self healing in cases where you have dealings with severe emotional challenges. This can be in relationships, or work, or some other aspect of life.

The first thing is to realize that uncontrolled emotions create chemical and physical changes in the body that can have damaging health consequences. Once you understand that, you have a better reason to learn to deal with your emotions and your mind. If your faith does not allow for a relaxation of your mind and a comfort that will allow you to rest the mind and body, then you need to find other means by which you can reduce the stress that life brings about.

Stres Is Silent Killer

Stress is silent killer you create!

One of the best things that anyone can do is to learn to handle the actions in life that might bring about stress. This is why we talk about “the stress you create”. How you deal with issues and how you perceive things may well dictate whether or not it is stressful to you. There are so many books that are written to help people in how they view the world around them and how they deal with relationships. READ THEM! Find ones that fit your personality or your faith, and spend time reading and realizing how YOU need to act and react to various situations that may have occurred or might occur in the future.

The other thing is the way in which you relax your body, whether or not you pray, meditate, or find some way to relax the mind. Some relax with music and others with the sound of the breeze, a sunset, the ocean, or other natural areas of relaxation. There are classes in meditation you can take. There are ways in which you can train your mind to handle things better, Helen Weygand of Mind Psi-Biotics has been doing left and right brain training for decades and insists that people become responsible for their own thoughts and actions. Her classes have helped thousands gain control over their lives and to fulfill their desires.

This control of your own life can be one of the best ways to find the peace and quiet in your own mind. When you realize that you are not at the emotional whim of anyone, whether it be your parents, spouse, family, friends or strangers you will have learned to control the stress that may be in your life. This will allow you to keep them from controlling and damaging you.