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D.C.s Loan Forgiveness program with CHER Foundation.

The CHER Foundation has been receiving a lot of calls and questions about the loan forgiveness program. This program is through the federal government and was started in 2007. You can go to the computer and get details in a search of the program.(Do you know you can support CHER Foundation By using Good Search? Just add CHER Foundation as the main cause. )

solution for student loan

What you cannot get is “how does this fit me?”

This is what the CHER Foundation is working to make happen. There are students who are coming out of college without licenses that can apply and get into the program. There are doctors who are in practice and may have been in practice for a period of time but are still haunted by this debt. There are doctors who cannot afford to go into practice and are faced with the harassment of the debtors seeking to have you pay off your loans. Obviously there needs to be different solutions.

The basic facts for this loan forgiveness program are:

1. Work for a 501 (c) (3);

The CHER Foundation, a division of the Coy Chiropractic Institute is the only public non-profit organization in Chiropractic. You can work for ANY non-profit that will submit your qualifications, but to be able to practice and work in chiropractic, the choices are very limited.

2. 30 Hours Per Week;

This means there is a major commitment and unless you are working for a health facility, you will not be able to practice. That is what the CHER Foundation is wanting to do, get you into practice while you complete the program.

3. 10 Year Commitment;

This can be done without the attachment to a business physically, but under the umbrella of the organization allowing doctors with their own facilities to be part of the program.

4. Make 120 Payments;

It has been seen that even though you are still making payments, these payments are many times 1/3 or less of what you would be making otherwise.

For more information, you can check student aid website document here.

Loan Forgiveness program

Are you ready to work with CHER Foundation?

loan forgiveness program

Working with the CHER Foundation means that you must be employed by the organization and that you must comply with all the other parts of the agreement. In California clinics are being established for doctors who want to be part of the ASSOCIATE PROGRAM of the Foundation in which they are totally committed to working to achieve success in building a practice. These are CHER Clinics that are operated by the Foundation. Yet, there can be others who are in offices that are not operated by the Foundation but are offering the CHER CLINIC PROGRAM in existing offices.

Then there are programs that can be created for doctors with other skills and talents and want to work with the charitable organization. These programs can be in fundraising and can be separate from a practice. There are programs designed to educate the public, as well as raising funds for the Foundation while still offering funds for the participant that can supplement their income from the practice.

student loanThere are doctors who have writing skills, computer skills, and other abilities which could be applied to the Foundation. The challenge is that all activities that are involved create funding that will assist the doctor.

We, as a profession have never seriously involved ourselves in the philanthropic world for the support of the public. Most chiropractors are very generous and offer discounted fees for those in the low income, and free care for children, the challenge is that no one knows who generous they are, or how generous the profession is. These programs are to put a name in all of this generosity and seek public support. especially financial.

Doctors are asking if the Foundation program is to help pay their college debt. Direct payment of these debts can be arranged for those who are involved in the CHER Clinics operated by the Foundation, but other than that, the programs are all designed to increase income for the doctors so that they can make minimal payments and continue to build their practice.

The challenge the Foundation has found is that this is a new concept and few people understand its potential or how they can best benefit. The program is not a way of “others taking care of your responsibility” or on that does not require “100% commitment”. Most field doctors have experienced the limited awareness of business that comes with new doctors. Dreams of “getting rich quick” are often dashed when faced with the reality of what it takes to be successful.

Your journey with CHER Foundation

Chiropractic is the greatest profession on earth in helping people to restore and maintain better health.”

As medicine continues to over-test, over drug, and ultimately end the lives of hundreds of thousands of their patients, chiropractic stands as a answer for the future of better health, naturally.

Contact us for your student loan forgiveness program.


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