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HOP (Helping Other People) program from CHER Foundation

CHER Foundation – HOP

Helping Other People

As a response to a nation that is focusing on overcoming the health challenges that has destroyed lives and families; the need for alternative choices and the availability of safer and more natural programs to assist them in overcoming the challenges of life threatening disease is the focus of this program.

HOP Logo

HOP Logo

HOP, Helping Other People, is a nutritional health program of the CHER Foundation*designed to offer greater awareness of supplemental support for the body that can add to the resistance, enhance the immunity, and offer a greater chance of survival from the attack of many of these challenges.  [The program is not part of the diagnosis or treatment of any condition and is meant only as a support program for those who might qualify.] Not only is there the support for the education of the public regarding a better informed public but to then offer services in support of those who might not otherwise be able to afford the initial approach to the use of these programs.


What we do


You cannot use what you know nothing about. The primary purpose of this program is to offer information to anyone who might be interested in what is available in nutritional supplementation that might be of assistance to helping them have a healthier life. The program is based on information of our CHER4Life online nutritional website and offers a total listing and information on all the represented products of the 4Life Research Company, the leader in the research and development of tranferseutical products.

In the following picture, Mr. Armando Gonzales(right) and Mr. Agustin Vasquez (left) wearing cow custom. Because Colostrum is one of the main ingredient in 4Life Transfer Factor Products.

HOP Program

HOP Reresentatives


These programs are based on condition and ability to pay. Patients with the most serious of conditions will be of primary concern and will have the first opportunity to participate in the trial programs. These programs may be a little as a month, up to six months in which products will be made presented on an “ability to pay” bases.

The programs are designed for all ages and genders and conditions that are reviewed by the professional advisory staff where it is felt there is the greatest chance of improvement.