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Grow Your Mind, Soul and Practice

Get Ready For Chiropractic Growth Hacking! (Up to 17 hours of CE available in select states)

Over 25 Experts in Marketing, Communication, Practice Management, Personal Development and Team Building (With a Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee) 

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SHOP4CHER is a online shop. With each dollars that spent on this site, you are supporting our non-profit Chiropractic Foundation.

Check out our site Shop4CHER.com

Every $ will going back to CHER Foundation.

Do you buy through Amazon Prime a lot?

Click the link on the right side, for every purchase you make via this link.

You are supporting CHER Foundation.

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CHER Foundation

Join me on Goodshop to give back when you shop.

I wanted to invite you to join me at Goodshop, a great site & app that helps me save money at my favorite stores, but most importantly, support a cause close to my heart: CHER Foundation.

Not only do they have the most powerful coupons on earth from every online store I could ever want (like Amazon, Gap, and Target), but they also donate a percentage of each eligible purchase to charity!

Use Goodshop to support CHER Foundation

You can sign up using this referral link.  Goodshop will donate an extra $5 to the cause you choose to support (and an extra $5 to my cause, CHER Foundation) when you complete your first $25 purchase. Goodshop is partnered with 114,000 nonprofits and schools – so you’re apt to find the one you really love. And, if not, you can always choose my favorite cause, CHER Foundation, and give them double the support.

Support CHER Foundation with TREE of LIFE program.


For more information, please visit our Cause page.


We would love to see more and more individuals join our community to support CHER Foundation.

All profits are going to CHER Foundation.

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