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ChiroSushi Summit

Register your ChiroSushi Summit Event with CHER FOUNDATION.

Hey! D.C. Friends.

Come to visit CHER Foundation booth at Chiro Sushi Summit event. It would be s a great chance for us to know more of CHER Foundation’s Activities,  Student Loan Forgiveness Program.

Help us, help others!

Grow Your Mind, Soul and Practice

Get Ready For Chiropractic Growth Hacking! (Up to 17 hours of CE available in select states)

Date: 5/3 – 7 / 2017

Over 25 Experts in Marketing, Communication, Practice Management, Personal Development and Team Building (With a Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee) 

Join CHIROSUSHI Summit Event,

use code  CHER at registration.
Join ChiroSushi Summit

8 Reasons You Should Come to the Summit –

*We guarantee, if you’re willing to join us, we’ll take you to a new level: WE WILL MAKE YOUR WILDEST DREAM COME TRUE!

  1. You want to explode your practice
  2. You want to accelerate your referrals
  3. You want to increase your retention rates
  4. You want to 10x Chiropractic, your practice and your life
  5. Grant Cardone
  6. Cinco De Mayo and Vegas Baby
  7. World-class experts in business and professional development
  8. CE Credits…yep…don’t want this to be the only reason but we got them – Approved for 17 in most states

WHY ChiroSushi

This event will be hold at Westgate Las Vegas.


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Up to 17 hours of CE available in select states

Join CHIROSUSHI Summit Event, use code  CHER at registration to receive your discount.*
Buy Your Tickets Now!

Please note, all of your purchase will be used to support CHER Foundation.

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