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CHER Foundation

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The CHER Foundation is a Division of Coy Chiropractic Institute, a 501(c)(3) Public Non-Profit Charitable Organization. (See CCI Organization for details.)The CHER Clinic is open to the public to provide health care for the uninsured, underinsured and low-income households on a ability-to-pay basis. Among the programs offered is scoliosis screening. If not treated early, this devastating curvature of the spine can cause a lifetime of pain. Scoliosis left untreated may require surgery later in life.

CHER = Chiropractic, Health, Education, Research.

CHIROPRACTIC HEALTH: CCI believes that Chiropractic is for everyone, not just for those who have insurance or the financial ability to pay.

EDUCATION: There are programs in the educational division of CHER.

Seminars and Educational Brochures.
Public Awareness campaigns through community events such as Street Fairs, Business Expos and Career Day
RESEARCH: One of the most important validations to the chiropractic profession is the continual process of providing research on what Chiropractic is, and how chiropractic care aids in achieving overall good personal health.This type of research is essential for government, philanthropic and public acceptance, as well as the realization of a better solution to many health challenges.

All donation will be TAX-Deductible