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You have to first accept the primary principle that your body was designed to be healthy and that health is not something you find or buy but is only when the body is doing what it is supposed to do.

Again, you have to look inside the body. There you will find the miracles of life (and health), when you understand more about how your body works. This is important, because a lot of people do not know this and then live a life that does nothing but interfere with and damage the body. Then, when they are sick and the body is failing, they are hoping that some “outside” miracle will save them from death, or at least the pain and misery of poor health.

There was a man who stated something that has been said over and over again, “If I had known I was going to live so long, I would have taken better care of myself!” How long do you want to live? There are those who do not want to live to be 50-60 and live lives that are filled with activities that harm them and eventually shorten their lives. These are the ones who are daredevils, alcoholics, drug addicts, and can also be those who worry all the time, are workaholics, couch potatoes and all of the people who do things in their life that will shorten it.

Many people have a misconception about life and think that you are old when you are 40, and death is around the corner at 60 and just drooling and wetting the bed at 80. Well, don’t tell Betty White, the famous actress who is busy at 95 enjoying her craft and showing the world that you can have a great time. There are all sorts of famous people who have been active and productive into their nineties.  So, what is old age, and how long are you supposed to live?

Scientists seem to agree that life should be something that lasts until 120-150 and that is in health. So they make an average of 135. That means when we are dying at around 70 we are only living half our lives and THAT should be “middle age”! If that is the case, why are we dying so young?


What is health

What is health?

Over and over again we are saying that you need to take better care of yourself. It is repeated because it is the MIRACLE that keeps the body healthy. It is not the potions or pills; it is not a new surgical procedure that keeps the body healthy, but doing the things on a day to day basis needed to “maintain” your body in proper function, thus maintaining it in good health.

Once you have that understanding, once you get THE BIG IDEA, of how the body works, the things you do to it and for it will change….. forever. You will not smoke, you will not take drugs, you will not abuse your body and you will not be stressed out from the challenges in the world. You will finally have found the “Fountain of Youth”. You will have a totally different perspective on life. It is here that you will understand the responsibility you have to take care of this fantastic body you were born with and not be of a mindset that you can do want ever you want to it and someone will fix it. That is good for your car, but not for your body.

In this materials presented you will learn about the damaging effects of drugs and how YOU need to perceive health and the care of your body. You are the one who will be in control and will know what to do for your body that is going to be in its best interests.

There was a lecturer that once started his lecture with: “I want to destroy your confidence in doctors, all doctors (he was a doctor too) and I want to build your confidence in your body.” He then pointed out a lot of the challenges that are presented in this book and went on to step by step teach his patients about the ability of the body to heal, and the importance of taking care of themselves.Health monitor

At this point you have had an overview of the body and the areas of care, it must be repeated, “It is better to stay healthy than to try to get well.”  Prevention is always the best approach to health.  Prevention in itself can be a little confusing, so we will get to the basics that everyone needs to know.

These articles are only meant to get you started, to gather some interest. What you need to do from this point on is to educate yourself and your family. You will need to learn what is available to you and your loved ones through the internet and the many sights offering information. Always look at “opinions” as something everyone has and not always fact. Some opinions are more hype that educational, but I am sure as you read through the material you will discover that for yourself.

If you can do anything at this point that will help you more than anything else, stop looking outside your body for the answers to your challenges. As indicated in the illustration, it is so easy to find an excuse for our own actions. Blaming something outside the body or looking at things from a less than honest perspective. We have to become responsible for our own actions. We have to eat properly, we have to exercise. At this point it is reminded of the commercial on TV where there is an electrical device that will cause your muscles to contract. They advertise it for men (and women) to get the muscle tone back on the stomach. Did the muscle bound model that made the commercial use it to get that perfect abs? It is highly unlikely. There is an old saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.”

To be healthy you need to make sure your boy has the fuel it needs and the chemicals it needs to build healthy cells. Everyone needs to read as much as they can on better nutrition and not just accept the opinions of one person. The basics are simple. You need to eat right and you need to make sure you are getting the motion in your daily activities to sustain the basic needs of the body.  All of this helps the body to work as it was intended.

Remember the INNATE intelligence in your body and make sure you are not doing things that interfere with its ability to function as it was designed. You want to make sure you are not abusing the body by forcing it to store more foods (as fat) than it need to be healthy, thus gaining weight that it has to carry around all the time putting stress on your frame and on your various other systems such as your heart.

It is so important that we repeat, “child-obesity” is a product of poor nutrition and bad habits, it is not a disease, but can be a causative factor in many diseases. Childhood obesity in the news so much and has been discussed repeatedly in the past several years as the health  problem of the 21st century. First Lady Michele Obama is taking on the cause but who are her advisors, medical doctors who consider it a disease for them to treat?

Again, this condition is NOT as disease to be treated medically, but a CHOICE that is made (a bad choice) and what has to be done is to make better choices.

These choices need to be made by the child’s parents and touch so the choices can be made by the child. If your child is mimicking you and you are way over weight as we see so often with heavy set families, there needs to be an all out effort for all effort to make better choices; in what you buy, in what you cook, and in the proportions you serve.

What we are trying to get the reader to understand it the responsibility of taking care of the body so it can do what it is supposed to do and that is to maintain your health. The body maintains its health if you do not interfere with bad habits. Strengthen any of the weaknesses in your body that needs help. You need to do specific exercises, nutritional supplements, meditation, chiropractic adjustments or other natural services to help overcome these weaknesses. The last thing you should subject your body to are drugs that can cause other problems with your liver and kidneys.

The body can take care of itself, if you allow it to do so. You can learn more about the specific systems of the body should you want to know more about a problem area. Try to keep in mind the miracle of the body and how it works. These points are repeated and repeated throughout the book for one main reason. They are the keys to you changing your life and improving your health.

REMEMBER: The body stays healthy if you take care of it!